Working Papers of the Cultural Ecology of Health and Change (CEHC)

"Assessment of Cultural Systems", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"Basic Classical Ethnographic Methods", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"Chapter 1, Introduction to `From Accidental Anthropologist to Man in the Middle to the Cultural Ecology of Health and Change’", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"Community Based Intervention Programs, Definitions and Types", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"Introduction to the Cultural Ecology of Health and Change", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"Workbook for Reading, Recording, and Interpreting Data from Social Settings, Scenes, Acts, Activities & Events", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"Introduction to CEHC Project Design and Implementation Plans (PDIP)", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"Introduction to CEHC Project Implementation Programs (PIPs)", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"Introduction to Ethnographically Informed Community and Cultural Assessment Research Systems (EICCARS)", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"Introduction to the Ethnographic Assessment and Evaluation Systems (EAES)", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"Social/Community Profile Indicators", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"Theoretical Influences on the Evolution of the Cultural Ecology of Health & Change Systems", by Dr. Tony Whitehead and Dr. Robert Aronson

"The Cultural Systems Paradigm (CSP)", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"Traditional Approaches to the Evaluation of Community Based Interventions, Strengths and Limitations", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"What is Ethnography? Methodological, Ontological, and Epistemological Attributes", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

working papers on gender constructs and social issues

"Black, White, and Male in America: Towards a Non-Racist and Non-Classist Model of Masculinity", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"Constructs of Ideal Female-Male Relationships and Ideal Male Partners Among a Sample of Adolescent Females at Risk of STDs", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"Gender Identity and Condom Use Problems in STD/AIDS Prevention Programming", by Dr. Tony Whitehead 

"'It Takes Two to Tango': Adolescents Females at Risk of STDs and their Perception of Kinds of Females, Female Behaviors, and Attitudes That Put Them at Risk", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

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Anthropology of the black world

"The Anthropology of African American Expressive Cultural Traditions: A Retirement Rite of Passage Celebration", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"Racialized Urban Ghettos and the 'Crack Decade'", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"The Formation of the U.S. Racialized Urban Ghetto", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"Reflections on What the Election of Barack Obama Means to Me: From Inspiration and Hope to Action", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

"Marion Barry, the Incarceration Epidemic, and the Prison-to-Community Cultural Continuum in Washington, DC", by Dr. Tony Whitehead

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                                                                       REFEREED PUBLICATIONS

Since the early 1980s, as the multiple methodological and conceptual systems of the Cultural Ecology of Health and Change (the CEHC) began to occupy his thinking, Dr. Whitehead began to give less time to writing for the scholarly review process, as he did to the development to these systems.  At that time, and for the remainder of his career, he became involved in so many research and professional practice projects and consultations, both in the US and abroad, he increasingly found himself needing to develop somewhat standardized systems that would help to guide his own work, and in his training of students and professionals involved in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of community health and development programs.   However, attached are some of his contributions to the peer review publishing process that reflected experiences that also contributed to the CEHC’s evolution. 

A. Books

1. TL Whitehead and B.E. Reid, Gender Constructs and Social Issues. Champaign‑Urbana: University Illinois Press, 1992.

 2. TL Whitehead and M.E. Conaway (eds.) Self, Sex and Gender in Cross Cultural Fieldwork: A Collection.  Champaign‑Urbana: University Illinois Press, 1986.  

B. Refereed Journal Articles, Book Chapters, and Works Presently Under Peer Review

1. Holt, CL, TL Whitehead, et al (2015) Informed Decision-Making and Satisfaction with a Church-Based Men’s Health Workshop Series for African-American Men: Men-Only vs. Mixed-Gender Format, Journal of Cancer Education, September, Volume 30, Issue 3, pp 530–534.

2. Saunders, D.R., C. Holt, TL Whitehead, et al (2015),  “Development of The Men’s Prostate Awareness Church Training (M-PACT) For African American Men,” J. Family and Community Health.  

3. Errickson, SP, TL Whitehead, et al (2011). What Will Health-Care Reform Mean for Minority Health Disparities? In Public Health Reports 126(2): 170-5. 

4. Aronson RE, Wallis A, O’Campo P, Whitehead T, and Shafer P (2007). “Ethnographically informed community evaluation: A framework and approach for evaluating community-based initiatives.  The Maternal and Child Health Journal, 11: 97-109.

5. Aronson, R.E., K. Lovelace, J.W. Hatch and TL Whitehead (2005), “Strengthening Communities and the Roles of Individuals in Community Life,” IN Social Injustice and Public Health,  V. Siedel (ed.). Oxford University Press.

6. Aronson, RL, TL Whitehead, and W. Baber (2003). Challenges to Masculine Transformation Among Urban Low Income African American Males, American Journal of Public Health. 93(5): 732-41. 

7.Whitehead, TL & Williams-Forsom, P (2002).  “African American Foodways” ,International Encyclopedia of Food. New York: Scribner. December. 

8. Whitehead, TL (2000). “The `Epidemic’ and `Cultural Legends’ of Black Male Incarceration: The Socialization of African American Children to a Life of Incarceration" In Building Violence: How America's Rush to Incarcerate Creates More Violence, John P. May (ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 82-89.

9. Whitehead, TL (1997). “Urban Low-Income African American Men, HIV/AIDS, and Gender Identity,” Medical Anthropology Quarterly 11(4): 411-447.

10. Kaljee, L., TL. Whitehead, et al (1995).  "Perceptions among Urban Adolescents and their Parents of Violence within and against Their Communities”, Human Organization,

11. Whitehead, TL, J. Peterson and L. Kaljee (1994), “The “Hustle”: Socioeconomic Deprivation, Urban Drug Trafficking, and Low-Income African American Male Gender Identity,” Pediatrics, 93 (6):  1050-1054.

12. Whitehead, TL (1992). “Expressions of Masculinity in a Jamaican Sugar Town” in Gender Constructs and Social Issues.

13. Reid, BE and TL Whitehead (1992), "Introduction" to Gender Constructs and Social Issues.

14. Whitehead, TL(1992) "In Search of Soul Food and Meaning: Culture, Food, and Health" in African Americans in the South, H. Baer and Y. Jones (ed.). Athens: University Georgia Press.

15. Whitehead, TL (2009). Family, Black in The Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. CR Wilson (gen ed), Vol 13, Gender, CN Bercaw & T Ownby, Chapel Hill: University N. Carolina Press, pgs. 97-101 (Republished from first version of the Encyclopedia, 1989). 

16. Whitehead,  TL (1989)."Black Genealogy" in The Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. Chapel Hill: University N. Carolina Press.

17. Cook, HL, TLWhitehead,  et al (l988) "A Re‑examination of Community Participation in Health: Lessons from Three Community Health Projects" J Fam and Comm Health.

18. Wright, E and TL Whitehead, "Perceptions of Body Size and Obesity: A Selected Review of the Literature" J Community Health, Summer/Fall, l987.

19. Whitehead TL and ME Conaway (1986) "The Introduction". Self, Sex and Gender in Cross‑Cultural Fieldwork.  

20. Whitehead, TL and J Brown (1986). "Gender Related Issues in Carrying out Rapid Team Fieldwork: A Case Study from Cameroon" in Self, Sex and Gender.

21. Whitehead, TL (1986), "Breakdown Resolution and Coherence: The Fieldwork Experiences of a Big, Brown, Pretty-talking Man in a West Indian Community" in Self, Sex and Gender.

22. Whitehead, TL and L Price (1986), "Male versus Female Fieldworkers: A Discussion", in Self, Sex and Gender.

23. Frate, DA, TL Whitehead and SA Johnson "The Use of Traditional Social Settings in the Management of Contemporary Health Problems,", JVoluntary Action Research, 13 (4), 1984.

24. Whitehead, TL, DA Frate and SA Johnson (1984) "Control of High Blood Pressure from Two Community Based Perspectives," Human Organization.

25. Whitehead, TL "The 'Buccra‑Massa' and The Little Man's Broker in a Jamaican Sugartown: Implications for Community Health Education Programs," Social Science and Medicine, 10(5), 1984.

26. TL Whitehead, "Sociocultural Dynamics and Food Habits in a Southern Community," in Food in The Social Order, Mary Douglas (ed.), New York: The Russell Sage Foundation, 1984.

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28. D.A. Frate, TL Whitehead, and S.A. Johnson, "Selection, Training and Utilization of Health Counselors in the Management of High Blood Pressure," Urban Health, (May) 1983.

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30. J. Kramer, A. Thomas and TL Whitehead, "NaturalSocial Support and Helping Networks: Their Relationship to Health Care Delivery," in Systems Science in Health Care, C.Tilguin (ed.) London: Pergammon Press, 1981.

31. TL Whitehead, "Identity, Subjectivity and Cultural Bias in Fieldwork," The Black Scholar, Vol. II, No. 7, 1980.

32. TL Whitehead, "The Applied Setting as Ethnography: ACase Study," Human Organization. Fall, 1978.

33. TL Whitehead, "Residence, Kinship and Mating as Survival Strategies: A Jamaican Example," J Marr and Fam, Nov 1978.

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non-refereed publications and reports

"Ethnographic Assessment of the Mayor's Office on Returning Citizens Affairs: A White Paper", by Maya Kearney and Supervised by Dr. Tony Whitehead

Tony L. Whitehead (2011) “Turkey and the Peace Corps—Gateway to the Good Life”, US Peace Corps-Turkey Group Memoir, Part 1, Warren Master (ed.), Good Governance Worldwide, American Society for Public Administration, ('sT-12memoir_EditedWM_August11_2011.pdf ). This essay was published online as one of several essays written by United States Peace Corps volunteers who served in Turkey in 1966-67, know as Turkey Group 12.   Those interested in reading essays by others from this group may go to

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